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This is just something I thought of a few days ago while my brother and I were playing Risk. Here it comes: 


In this picture here, one of the knights in the back is holding a staff, which, if I'm not mistaken, looks a lot like Rey's staff that she carries on Jakku.
Image by CrescendoFlight
Image by CrescendoFlight

Don't they just about look the same?

And also, I'm sure that given who Kylo is, leading the Knights was probably a HUGE deal to him and it really meant a lot (maybe he's so emo all the time because they're gone now . . . but that's a different theory ;)). So each of his Knights probably meant a lot to him, too.

So maybe at the time the Knights were standing in the rain there, which may or may not be the Jedi massacre, Rey got injured or something, but Kylo couldn't stay and help her. And suppose that Luke was also part of this whole epic battle (because I'm pretty sure word would spread if a group of people started killing off his Jedi) and found Rey instead, but she had suffered from mental trauma and couldn't remember who she was.

So Luke (who also may or may not be Rey's father) drops her off on Jakku, where (I suppose) he thinks no one will ever find her. No one ever comes looking for people on desert planets, am I right? ;)

Also, there also happens to be a Resistance base on the sane planet. Coincidence? Probably not.

And when Kylo was with Rey in the interrogation chamber, remember how he couldn't break her and she Force-mental-fought back? And also how she mind-tricked that stormtrooper into letting her go? I honestly bet Kylo was really torn up inside when he first saw Rey again (well, then again, more than he already is) because he knew her and they were friends (or at least comrades) and she doesn't remember, just sees him as this evil Dark Side guy.

That would hurt. 

And also, this expression he makes here with her in the chamber:
Image by CrescendoFlight

If that's not a what-do-I-do/WTF-is-my-buddy-doing-here/why-does-she-not-remember face, I don't know what is.

It would also explain the whole lightsaber duel thing. Like, a guy who can do all this fancy stuff and block a blaster bolt with the Force can't beat a girl who wields a lightsaber for the first time in her life.
Image by CrescendoFlight
Nice whirl there, Kylo.

ANYWAY, throughout the whole Star Wars saga, MOST people are reluctant to fight with their former friends, or someone they're hoping to reconcile with. Obi-Wan and Anakin in RotS (and basically everywhere else, too...).Luke and Vader in RotJ. Anakin and Ahsoka in CW. Etc. 

So while he has no problem with taking down Finn (also because in Kylo's eyes, Finn was a traitor, too), Kylo might feel more self-conscious about doing so because Rey is also there. And the fact that he doesn't really want to hurt Rey and maybe his lighter side is telling him that he wants Rey to see him as a good guy or as an old friend (or something else along those lines) , he can't kill Finn completely and of course he can't beat Rey.

Thoughts? Approve or disprove? Tell me below!


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